Padum or Padmasambhava is the subdivision of Kargil district and the largest town in Zanskar region. Situated at the height of 12,000 feet, Padum is known for Buddhist ethnicity with a sizable population of other ethnic minorities.

The town is very remote in nature; main connecting road is open for only 4 months during the year. In winters people use the famous Chadar Trek for commuting towards Leh.

Tourist Spots

It is connected to Kargil via Pensi La; other route connecting to Darcha is still halfway under construction. Zanskar River originating from Drang-Drung glacier flows through Padum. This glacier can be viewed from Padum-Kargil road at Pensi La.

It is connected to another major town Zang La of Zanskar region known for Zangla Monastery; thousand year old monastery and house of very ancient Buddhist paintings.


Estimated population of Padum town is around 29000 and has many notable monasteries including Bardan Monastery, Karsha Monastery and Photang-Dalai Lama Monastery.

Places of attractions

  • Chadar Trek
  • Zang La Monastery
  • Ruined Khar Palace
  • Pibiting Village
  • Phugtal Monastery
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